Whoever dreams becomes great. If in front of certain landscapes you are amazed like children and certain emotions give you the strength to continue, you are on the right path.

Grow up with us.

# dolomitica2020

Dolomitica Brenta Bike becomes big: Dolomitica2020 is born.

An event that with 2020 attempts its leap in quality given the conditions for success of the 2019 edition. The famous mtb race set in the presence of the Brenta Dolomites becomes Experience.

A two-day event where sport is the motivation for a holiday in one of the most beautiful places in Trentino. It is the tool to know and appreciate the excellence of a territory, from food and wine to art, from hospitality to natural beauty. It is the language through which to read the values ​​of a community.

In summary. We thought of DoloMini, an FCI youth match for very young and beginners categories; we thought of E-Dolomitica, the first randonnée e-bike with a view of the Dolomites designed on a medium difficulty track and therefore dedicated to a very heterogeneous public; with the collaboration of our testimonial Marco Melandri, we have thought of a more technical version of the E-Dolomitica ("E-Dolomitica, Melandri guide") for the more experienced e-biker. Last but not least, we thought of the Dolomitica Brenta Bike, three different routes, from marathon to hiking. We have thought (almost) of everyone, because we want to communicate our territory through the language of sport.

What will your # dolomitica2020 be?

Saturday 27 June at 9:00 am

1st edition E-DOLOMITICA - June 27th at 9:00 am

the first randonnée dedicated to e-bikes with a view of the Dolomites, with professional e-bike guides and stages of taste.

Saturday 27 June at 4.30 pm


federal race dedicated to the Youth and Beginners categories included in the Trentino MTB Kids Challenge 2020

Sunday 28 June at 9:00 am

7th edition of the DOLOMITICA BRENTA BIKE

7th edition of the famous MTB race of Pinzolo - Madonna Campiglio with three different paths Marathon, Race and Ride

* 62KM Marathon (difference in altitude 2400MT)

the path that takes you to the peaks of the Dolomites

* 45KM Race (1550MT elevation gain)

the classic route with an unprecedented passage to Patascoss and on the legendary 3Tre slope

* 31KM Ride (1200MT elevation gain excursion)

the route for excursions who want to admire the natural beauties


They will be activated in the next few weeks but we anticipate them in summary: they are the holiday packages for an exciting stay at an equally exciting price, in renowned structures of Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio, to be used during the days of the event.


Reserved for the kind participants of the E-Dolomitica, it provides advantageous holiday packages for a stay dedicated to wellness.


Holiday package (1-3 nights) dedicated to those who will participate in the Dolomitica Brenta Bike and the E-Dolomitica.


Holiday package dedicated to the foreign guest.


Dedicated to the child / parent / s couple who participate respectively in the DoloMini and the Dolomitica Brenta Bike.


The champion Marco Melandri wears it. It was limited edition and unobtainable. Now it could be yours.

Wearing it would mean reliving the thrill of a Dolomite experience every time. This is not an everyday thing.

This is the official jersey signed by Alé Cycling * for Dolomitica . * PRR Alé Custom, an Alé Custom classic renewed and repurposed in a new fabric for greater breathability and lightness, reflective details and racing fit.

How to make it yours?

by registering for the Dolomitica Brenta Bike by 31 January 2020

Registration fee including race pack and Alé technical jersey:

€ 95.00


by registering for the E-Dolomitica (randonnée e-bike) by January 31, 2020

Registration fee including race pack, tastings on the route, accompaniment with professional guides and Alé technical jersey:

€ 120.00


by subscribing to the E-Dolomitica (randonnée e-bike) in the "Melandri Guide" version dedicated to the more experienced e-bikers, on a more demanding track than the classic E-Dolomitica, with single track, passages and technical descents, designed by the champion Marco Melandri which will also be its guide.

Registration fee including race pack, tastings on the route, accompaniment with professional guides and Marco Melandri, Alé technical shirt (to be worn necessarily at the randonnée):

€ 130.00

methods and registration on www.dolomiticabike.net


Marco Melandri was on the starting line of the Dolomitica Brenta Bike 2019 to kick off the race with the checkered flag. He then interpreted the Dolomite route with his e-bike. Melandri now lives in Carisolo in Val Rendena. He has chosen to take root in this place not only to raise his daughter "in a fairy place": "as a lover of sport, here you never get bored - said the champion - whatever you want to do, you can do it and it is always one show. ”The rider from Romagna, former MotoGp and now Superbike, has always been a cycling enthusiast, but in the last two years he has discovered e-MTB and has fallen in love with it. Right now he is training at high levels in view of new exciting competitive challenges.


In the days leading up to the great ski event on 8 January 2020, the mtb will be the protagonist in front of the world audience of Madonna di Campiglio. The great events of Campigliodolomiti dedicated to two wheels will be presented: Dolomitica Bike and Top Dolomites Asd . In an evening event / show dedicated to the presentation of the summer offer of the tourist center, an important space will be reserved for Dolomitica2020, in which the dedicated short film will be screened and the # dolomitica2020 testimonial Marco Melandri will present the news of this week edition. We are waiting for you!


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