1.PARTICIPATION. Participation category AGONIST all registered athletes from FCI or a Sports Promotion Board, aged at least 17 years old, on the RACE 45 KM Route, and aged at least 19 years old, on the MARATHON 62KM Route.

2.NOT LICENSED: Participants admitted to this category, must be at least 18 years old and be in possession of a medical certificate,they can participate only on the RIDE 31 KM Route.

The medical certificates will be accepted only in the original. Riders outside Italy have to pay an additional fee (10 euro) for the daily insurance.

3.REGISTRATION: Online registration will close at 23:59 on Wednesday, June 23. You may register during the days of 26/27 June at the race office at the Tennis Center Loc.Pineta Pinzolo until 8.00 am. The entry fee will be:

Until January 31st 2021, € 25 with race pack, From 1 February to 15 June 2021, € 40.with race pack, Until June 27th 2021, € 50, with race pack,


Entries must be submitted by completing the online registration form on the website at:


When the payment is verified the athlete will be added to the entry list.

It will be possible to change the route or ask the replacement of a participant until June 15, 2021.

If an athlete is unable to participate in the event, the registration fee will not be refunded. If the race is not held, the registration fee will not be refunded, but will be valid for the next edition.

4.MANDATORY: Everyone must use an approved helmet,respect the traffic rules in the passages on roads open to traffic and not leave for any reason waste on the course,the violation of these rules will result in disqualification .

5.TIMING SERVICE: provided by SMS SPORT technology Winningtime . Each participant will be provided with a personal chip .The daily rental cost of the chip,valid only for this event is 5 € , plus a deposit of 5 € which will be refunded on the return of the chip .

The return of chip will be organized near arrival. The Personal Chip Winning Time must be set to the seat post under the saddle using the special plastic holder. CAUTION: No timing service will be assured for those who do not fit properly the chip .

6.CATEGORIES: Absolute male; Absolute feminine; Junior + m / j (17-18 years)

Open M / F (Elite - Under 23);

MT - Elite - Sport M / F (19/29 years);

M1 - Male - (30/34 years);M2 - Male - (35/39 years); M3 - Male - (40/44 years);M4 - Male - (45/49 years);

M5 - Male - (50/54 years);M6 - Male - (55 years and over); Master W

The top three in each category, will be awarded, and the top three of the absolute ranking in the non-competitive race.

7.STARTING NUMBER: The organization will provide the participants with the starting number to be positioned so it is always visible;

8.CONTROLS: An obligatory passage will be made at the entrance of each grid: the competitors who do not pass will be disqualified;

The control points along the course must be passed regularly;

There will be a time gate in the locality Madonna di Campiglio at 11:30,and at 13:00 at Malga Boch for the 62 Km Marathon route.

9.MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: The maximum number for registration is set to 1,500 participants;

10.RESPONSABILITY: All participants in the Dolomitica Brenta Bike participate at their own risk. The enrolment, even if done by a third party on one’s behalf, infers and provides that the participant accepts to waive any right, direct, or of third parties, against the Organizing Committee and all individuals or organization’s involved in the event. Furthermore, by enrolling in the event the participant declares to be sufficiently in form to face the challenge required to complete the race.

11.LICENSE CHECK AND RACE PACKET DELIVERY: all the preparations for the participation

in the event will take place in Pinzolo at the race office in the Tennis Center Loc. Pineta as follows: Saturday, June 26 from 15:00 to 19.00(only for non-competitive race) - Sunday, June 27 from 7:00 until 08:00.At the license check present the receipt of payment.


In the VIP grid, the starting line will be able to access: Elite, U23, junior, open women, and VIP guests. (Will be drawn up in collaboration between the President of the Jury, the Technical Delegate and the responsible organization)

​In​ the grid of MERIT after VIP grid can access the first 10 punctuated Top Class and the first​​ classified in 2019 edition.

​​In the grid for CIRCUIT members reserved for all members of the Trentino MTB 2021. The other grids will take account only of the date of registration.

​​Not licensed will start in the final grid. (NB: there may be changes requested by the jury).

13.TECHNICAL MEETING: Sunday 27 June from 08:30 with the jury.

14.RACE START TIME: Sunday, June 27 2021

​​08:30 Grid opening

​​09:00 Start licensed agonists

​​09.10 Start not licensed amateurs

15.TIME LIMIT: The maximum time is 6 hours.There will be a time gate in the locality, Madonna di Campiglio at 11:30,and at 13:00 at Malga Boch for the 62 Km Marathon route. When an athlete exceeds the maximum time, he will be stopped and disqualified. The athlete will be able to continue the race without the race number (bi15b) at his own risk.

​16.COMPLAINTS: Complaints are accepted within 30 minutes after the arrival of the competitor, in written form and by depositing the amount of € 50.00 at the race direction. If accepted the sum will be refunded;

17.COURSE: The organization has the right to modify the course at all times

​18.CONDUCT: The event will take place in any weather

19. COURSE: Dolomitica Brenta Bike Marathon Km 62 – mt. 2200

                       Dolomitica Brenta Bike Race Km 44 – mt. 1400

                       Dolomitica Brenta Bike Ride Km 31 – mt. 1050

                        Start and Finish Loc.Pineta, Pinzolo

20.AWARDS: Sunday, June 27, 2021 after the race at the Tennis Center Loc.Pineta Pinzolo.

21.PRIZE MONEY: Based on FCI tables

22.REGULATIONS: For all indications not expressed in this Regulation, the norms of international regulation of the FCI and U.C.I. are valid.

23.PRIVACY: Law n.13 of the GDPR 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) In full compliance with the provisions of the law on the protection of personal data, the data required for registration will be processed exclusively for the normal secretarial activity of the above mentioned race, as well as for any proposals and communications concerning the activities of the Dolomitica Brenta Bike Organizing Committee Updating or cancellation can be requested by writing to: the desire not to communicate the data in question to others. The privacy form can be consulted at

By registering you declare to be in possession of a regular card, to have read this regulation and to express the consent of the use of the data, just the provisions of the law on Privacy 13 of the GDPR 2016

24.VARIOUS: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change this regulation in all its parts. The decisions of the course director will be indisputable and unquestionable.

Participants that take part in the Dolomitica Brenta Bike 2021, accept the rules of this Regulation, manifesting to be aware of it.

25.USE OF IMAGE: By the fact of be registered the athletes authorize the Organization to use any picture, video or any other kind of audiovisual material they may appear in and accept the publication of their name in the race’s ranking, in the media and/or on the Internet, without expecting any payment, economic reward or payback, on this matter.

26.WASTE:It is strictly forbidden to throw litter along the course. Participants are encouraged to maintain a good attitude in the race and during starting operations. Those who break the rules will be immediately disqualified.




Organizing Committee


ASD Dolomitica Sport Trentino


Via dei Sales 5,38080 Carisolo (TN)




Sito Internet:


Pagina Facebook: Dolomitica Bike


Istagram: Dolomitica Brenta Bike


Infoline Michele


Info Percorso Dennis


Press Office Studio PR Donatella Simoni 3331496068 SECURITY MEASURES


1. General rules

Slower competitors are obliged to facilitate overtaking by faster athletes. The tracks that are not clearly visible are to be addressed with adequate speed. In the downhill passages never exceed your technical limits. Any technical breakage of the bike must be repaired outside the race track. Anyone who does not comply with these rules will be disqualified immediately.

2. MTB type

The Dolomitica Brenta Bike is a mountain bike race and you can take part exclusively with suitable bikes and in a correct state of maintenance.

3. Health care

There will be a permanent emergency room at the arrival area, mobile service with motorbikes and specialized personnel and mobile points of Radio Emergency.

5. Service broom

Athletes withdrawn and unable to return to the starting point on request can be assisted and transported on arrival by means of service.


The event is insured by the F.C.I. norms.

7. Signaling on the route

The route will be tracked summarily starting from the month of May. Some sections are closed to the public and will be open only for the day of the race (detours are reported). Dangerous points such as technical and steep descents, curves, refreshments, etc. will be reported with appropriate clearly identifiable signs. The mileage will be reported in descending order (km missing to arrival).

8. Cycling event Start/Finish

A motorbike with the words "Inizio Corsa", and a motorbike with the words "Fine Corsa" will proceed before and after the race. The competition will take place partly on public and private roads: it is therefore a duty of everyone to observe the rules of the highway code, also respecting the UCI and FCI regulations on the matter.

9. Follow vehicles

The only vehicles authorized to follow the race are the (specifically identified) vehicles of organizers and judges. Private vehicles are not allowed.