ONLINE REGISTRATION - Dolomitica Brenta Bike 2019

Registering for the Dolomitica Brenta Bike 2019 is very simple!

Fill out the online form at and complete the registration procedure by paying the fee.

It is possible to purchase the FCI day pass (€ 15.00 to be paid when the bib is collected), with a valid sports medical certificate (to be presented when the bib is collected) which allows you to participate in the competitive race.

We remind you that the registrations for the race of FCI members must also be made through the federal computer system: .

The K factors are:

- 62 km Marathon: XXXXXX

- 31 km Race: XXXXXX

- 31 km Non competitive ride XXXXXX

Group promotion: groups with a minimum of 8 people registered at the same time, with fees paid in a single payment, will have 1 subscription fee for free (8 members +1 free).

Dolomitica Brenta Bike 2019 registrations

Registration fees:

  • by January 31: € 15

  • by 21 March: € 25

  • from April 1st to June 26th: € 35

  • from 27 to 30 June: € 45

  • group promotion: 1 gift for every 8 members