Press Release edited by Donatella Simoni

DOLOMITICA, POSTICIPE EDITION 2020                                                                          PRESS RELEASE 02/20




As is sadly known to all, the health emergency that shocked the world has led the FCI to cancel all events until June 30th.

In recent weeks our commitment has been to compare ourselves with our interlocutors, starting from the Municipality of Pinzolo and from the apt Campiglio Dolomiti, thus collecting the many messages that have arrived from you.

While having as a priority, like all sports organizers, the health of the participants, the public and the staff, we intend to postpone our decision at the start of the "second phase" that will start on May 4, to check, what are the authorized methods to the MTB races.

Therefore, the decision between postponement to a new 2020 date and the definitive cancellation and consequent goodbye to the 2021 edition will be taken realistically by the month of May.