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DOLOMITICA TEST TOUR. SPECIAL GUEST: MARCO MELANDRI.                                                                      Press Release 03/19


Two weeks before the Dolomitica Brenta Bike, the MotoGP/Superbike champion Marco Melandri tests the race tracks around the Brenta Dolomites. Melandri today lives in Carisolo in Val Rendena. He chose to put down roots in this place not only to grow his daughter "in a fairy place", but also because there are many benefits for his athletic training. Marco loves bikes, both racing and mtb, but does not disdain the propaedeutic aspects of the e-bike. Beyond this, "as a sports lover, you never get bored here - the champion said - whatever you want to do, you can do it and it's always a show. This is a dream, as well as being an added value to health ”.


On June 30th in the extraordinary landscape of the Brenta Dolomites in Pinzolo - Madonna di Campiglio, the sixth edition of the Dolomitica Brenta Bike will take place. Two routes: Marathon 62 km, 2400mt of height difference and Classic 31 km and 1200 mt. in altitude. The Italian MotoGP /Superbike champion Marco Melandri will also take part in the race and now lives with his family in Carisolo in Val Rendena. Melandri will interpret the Dolomitica with his e-bike: “For me, a fundamental innovation, my training does not involve so many hours on my bicycle and I would not have so many kilometers in my legs. The e-bike allows me to stay around several hours, take the time to train but also to have fun. An added value that gave me the opportunity to learn more about the area, visiting places I never thought existed for beauty ”. Melandri then wanted to try the race course on a beautiful day to enjoy the Brenta show: "I have to thank my wife for this choice of life that made me discover the mountains even in summer and for someone who lives by the sea is something more unique than rare. I immediately fell in love with it and the idea of ​​raising our daughter in such a fairy, fabulous place is a unique satisfaction. As a sports lover, you never get bored here - continues the champion - whatever you want to do there is something for all genres and this is a dream and I think it is an added value for health. Even my athletic training has helped - explains Melandri - not just focusing on physical effort and fatigue but also on enjoying the landscapes, I found benefits in recovering from my training and a mental serenity that also helps me on a physical level. This is for the maximum, an extra stimulus that I found as a gift from Trentino. I love both the road bike and the mountain bike - Melandri has revealed - here is the kingdom, a dream, every path I see gets me here somewhere I arrive. The Dolomitica will be my first MTB race experience that I will live more like a day to meet new friends and enjoy these fantastic places, sharing my passion and even training ".


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