Press Release edited by Donatella Simoni



On the night of Halloween, the seventh edition of the Dolomitica2020 will officially open, an edition that promises to be particularly interesting due to the new features. One above all, the e-bike proposal that will complement the classic mtb race. But let's go with order. Dolomitica2020 will not be a single event, but three, organized on the two days of Saturday 27 June and Sunday 28 June 2020, between Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio. We are talking about an extraordinary area from a naturalistic point of view, the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also strongly suited to sports and major national and international sporting events. One for all, the Giro d'Italia which just a few weeks from Dolomitica2020 will arrive in Madonna di Campiglio. And it is with the intention of honoring the history and emotion of the champions - in 1999, in this location, Marco Pantani won, for the last time in his career at the Giro, that the organizing committee of Dolomitica Brenta Bike intended inserting as a novelty of the 2020 route, a new passage at Patascoss, a well-known starting point of the 3Tre World cup Slalom race that saw the triumph of the greatest champions such as Thöni, Stenmark and Tomba

Going back to the Dolomitica events, we will start Saturday with a first novelty, the Dolomini, a dedicated race in the past editions for the youngest, for 2020 will be officially dressed, becoming an FCI Youth competition in all respects.  


Sunday highlight day. Classic departure in the center of Pinzolo for the Dolomitica Brenta Bike which offers the choice between three routes: 62KM Marathon, 45KM Race and 31KM Ride (no license riders).


 With a delayed start on the Dolomitica Bike, the second big news of the edition with a proposal dedicated to the E-Bikes. It is a 45KM Randonnée to be interpreted with E-bikes, designed on the same route as the Dolomite Bike Race. This means that everyone will be able to experience the same emotions as the athletes who climb the Brenta woods up to altitude in the presence of the Brenta Dolomites, without performance anxiety and just for pleasure. A randonèe, with the accompaniment of e-bike guides and characterized, in addition to the insured show, by refreshment points that for the occasion will become moments for tasting of typical products and specialties.


Dolomitica2020 is still eight months away, but the premises really deserve a lot of attention. Meanwhile, browsing through the promotions in progress, the possibility of receiving, by signing up, the official technical jersey designed by Alé Cycling for DolomiticaBike, worn in the last edition by motorbike champion Marco Melandri, special guest of the race and until now limited edition, is particularly attractive.  

Rates, promos and forms are available on the website